How to Make Honey Donuts

Honey Donuts
Honey Donuts
How to Make Honey Donuts and Tips recipes Honey Doughnuts:
  • 500gr flour twin disc
  • 500gr flour blue triangle
  • 1wrap fermipan instant yeast
  • 100g icing sugar
  • 15gr salt
  • 1sdm bread improves
  • 3grain chicken eggs, beaten
  • 100ml Honey
  • 400ml cold milk
  • 125gr margarine

How to Make Honey Donuts
  • Mix flour, sugar, bread improve, instant yeast and salt and mix well.
  • Include a mixture of chicken eggs, honey and fresh milk. Then knead until smooth and semi smooth.
  • Add margarine, knead until smooth. Rest for about 15 minutes, cover with plastic or cloth.
  • Trimmed and cut dough into pieces, and weigh 100g each dough, shape into round donuts.
  • Let stand about 15 minutes until fluffy.
  • Then the holes in the middle of a donuts shape and let stand for about 10 minutes.
  • Fry until cooked brown in oil over medium heat.
  • Let cool, and give Topping Honey or to taste.
  • To be perfectly fluffy yeast, dough storage containers should be sealed with a damp cloth or plastic.

Tips and recipes Honey Doughnuts
  • Fried donuts for a good result, you should wear solid cooking oil because crude is not easily absorbed by the fried ingredients.
  • Fry donuts by the method of deep frying donuts to be submerged with a perfect and mature evenly.
  • Donuts dough that has been formed and arranged on a container that has been sprinkled with flour to prevent sticking and sticking.
  • After Honey Doughnuts cooked, drain the donuts in a container that has been covered with paper to absorb the remaining oil.

Enjoy dishes Honey Doughnuts.
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