Human Personality according to month of birth

Human Personality according to month of birth, if you want to know your character according to your birth month, then you can read it here, true or not, maybe you can answer who, whether in accordance with what you read with your personality. The following human personality according to birth month:

Mont of Birth
Human Personality

In January
- Calm and authoritative
- Like come clean and do not like small talk
- Clever keep secrets and be trusted
- Favored by many people because it always looks cheerful
- Independent and do not like asking for help to others
- Clever financial
- Somewhat reserved and prefer to consider themselves
- Thorough and not arbitrarily do the job.

In February
- Having a sincere heart
- Her feelings are sensitive and easily offended
- Glad to be praised and always do what she wants
- Like humor and respect for anyone
- Hard hearts and have a permanent establishment
- A bit lazy and like to break a promise

In March
- Both the heart and love to help others.
- Like a luxurious life.
- High taste.
- No butter, and always giving to people in distress.
- A little shy, but honest and never lie.
- Easily influenced and not robust in the face of temptation.
- Like neglect their own health.

In April
- Do not want to give in and always want to win your own
- Bored
- Glad to be praised
- A bit wasteful though good at making money
- Having a sharp mind but do not like being told
- Never choose the friends

In May
- Smart control of feelings
- Clever take care of others
- Have a good taste and love of life luxury.
- Nice to delay the work.
- A bit wasteful though good fortune.
- Does not like small talk and did not like praise.

In June
- Romance and helpful
- Not have a permanent establishment
- Like a grandiose thinking
- Easily offended when her feelings have touched
- A bit lazy and just want to work when the lure of big results
- Always cheerful despite her being upset.

- Nice to fantasize
- If it is angry, his words sharp
- Not have a permanent establishment
- Glad to be praised
- Like to help others
- Clever talk and smart-brained
- A bit lazy

- Having a sense of sensitive / delicate
- Quick offense
- Like-minded imagining and heroics
- Not easily influenced
- A bit lazy
- If you work over the desires of his own.

In September
- Easily offended and quick temper
- Both the heart and honest
- Can keep a secret
- Like spree
- Smart save money but not cheap
- Like good at helping others and educating children

- Large-inclined and willing to budge
- Clever talk
- Intelligent and good-hearted
- Have a strong determination
- Do not be impatient and somewhat wasteful
- His mind is still and always changing

In November
- Steadfast and strong in the face of all trials
- Clever work on every job
- Clever take care of others
- A bit lazy and like to delay the work
- Many think
- A little vengeful and forgiving the guilty person
- Hard hearts

In December
- Easy to put confidence in others
- If you do something like in a hurry
- Do not be impatient
- Do not want to give in and always want to win your own
- Easily affected
- Honest and kind
- Waste and likes to obtrude
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