Healthy Foods For Pregnant Women

"Give the best to the baby still in the womb,
 so she was born with perfect and
obedient to parents

Healthy Foods For Pregnant Women, to keep offspring and health of babies course is a must, and of course a mother would want all the baby come out with perfect body and the expectations of the family, what should be a mother during pregnancy or delivery, of health care and the important to manage your diet and consume healthy foods and nutritious.

Healthy Foods Pregnant Women
[][] Healthy Foods Containing Carbohydrates
Carbohydrate-containing foods you can get at the material rice, corn, Mie, bread, yams and potato. Pregnant mothers who are in need of carbohydrates for health and development of the fetus in the womb.

[][] Healthy Foods Containing Protein
To replace dead cells in the body of the pregnant mother and fetus growth in the womb shape, of course the body is in need of a lot of protein. Protein-containing foods can be found at: tofu, Tempe, nuts, eggs, fish and meat.
As pregnant women, need for increased protein intake to 12gr for kilogram of body weight, is in normal condition, not pregnant, need 1 gram of protein for each kg of body weight.

[][] Healthy Foods That Contain Iron
Iron can be obtained from green leafy vegetables, liver and meats. Iron is required placenta in the womb. Through the placenta is the baby will get the nutrients and oxygen, as well as preparation in the process of giving birth, which many will lose blood

[][] Healthy Foods That Contain Vitamins
Pregnant women are very much in need of the intake of foods containing all the elements of vitamins. Foods that contain vitamin can be easily obtained, such as all kinds of green vegetables, fresh fruit, and various kinds of animal and vegetable side dishes.

[][] White Water
Why need water, water is the extraordinary remedy which was awarded by the God, many benefits we can get from the water. Water is needed for pregnant women because of pregnancy will be more frequent urination and sweats, if water is too much then it will feel nauseous, can be replaced with fruit juice, fresh and not cause nausea.

That's a few things that are important to women who are pregnant, if you are not pregnant; this is the information as a backup for you to be pregnant later. I hope the article discussed ways of "HEALTHY FOOD FOR PREGNANT WOMEN" can be useful and can be read and understood.
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