Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

Spending thousands of dollars for slim-down products is not a smart thing to do. Instead, consuming healthy foods to lose weight is much more recommended. This has always been said to be a real way to lose weight that is much easier and faster to give real result. Of course, it has to be combined with exercises. Not only that the foods are valuable to achieve great body shape but also better quality of life and health. They can reduce the risk of several diseases such as cholesterol, cancer, diabetes and many else. Yet, women and men require different kinds of food and now we’ll about to reveal it.

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Women

Women have different body metabolism compared to men so it’s ideal to consume the right foods in order to lose weight. These kinds of foods are indeed not only healthy but also delicious. So, get rid of the thought that losing weight will make you lose the chance to eat tasty foods. Here are the list of the foods:
  • Yogurt, milk and cheese which is low in calorie
  • Fruits, you can choose any colors you love but reduce to eat foods that are high in calorie such as banana
  • Fish, eggs, poultry, dry beans and also nuts
  • Vegetables are must-eat foods. The more various, the better it is.
  • Rice, pasta, cereal and bread but try to control the amount you eat them

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Men

Eating healthy foods especially for breakfast is so important. Men’s metabolism works faster than women’s so men need more calories in foods. However, it’s still important to control the amount of it for each serving. Some of the best foods to eat are white breads with low carbohydrates, breakfast cereals, cheese, nuts, fruits, veggies and also meat and its friends.
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