How to Make Apple Juice, Apple Juice Recipes

Everyone loves the taste of apples. This solid round fruit is delicious and rich benefits. In addition to commonly eaten directly, apples are also commonly enjoyed as apple juice. With the current hot weather conditions, our bodies need a fresh drink; one way is to make your own apple juice.
apple juice

How to make apple juice?
Here's the recipe to make apple juice:
[][] 2 large apples
[][] 2 fruit sweet orange, squeeze the juice
[][] 5 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
[][] 1 tablespoon sugar
[][] Ice cubes to taste

How to Make
[][] Peel the apples, cut four, discarding seeds or stones.
[][] Cut the apples into pieces, put in blender
[][] Add the orange juice, sweetened condensed milk, sugar and ice cubes to taste.
[][] Blend the ingredients until a smooth juice.
[][] Serve in a glass of juice.

That's some apple juice recipes, enjoy your own home-made, homemade typically when starters, better still made ​​the sale, but if you strive to be better, try and try
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