Best Pizza in America

If you had the opportunity to explore the culinary in America, processing pizza myriad delights you'll find here. In fact, almost all U.S. regions have different pizza toppings.
Best Pizza in America
Here is some of the best pizza in the United States, as reviewed Foodandwine:
New York
One of the best pizza processing in the City of New York, to be exact Sullivan Bakery Shop, The author, Jim Halley, a famous baker in the United States. Enjoyment pizza concoction lies in its crisp texture.

One of the most delicious pizza at Pizza Santarpio, Boston, USA, This restaurant serves traditional pizza, with the interior of the wood-paneled restaurant walls plastered with pictures of famous athletes.

Los Angeles
Pizza is made from Italian tradition is dominated squash, mushrooms, trumpet flowers and tomatoes, then baked with wood.

San Francisco
Pizza one is prepared with tomato sauce, olive oil, and fiord in the latte. Processing pizza restaurant in San Francisco called Margherita, the process of making just two minutes with firewood imported directly from Italy.
Providence, Al Forno
Pizza is made using fresh herbs, cheese, and olive oil. In 1980, Johanne Klieen and George Germon issued a new era in cooking in Providence by making the thinnest pizza crust baked with a topping of fresh ingredients.

The owner of this place called Domenico DeMarco, who makes pizza with a perfect balance of flavors, such as tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Grana Padano cheese as well. Pizza is always fresh processed because the pizza is always made fresh every day.

New Heaven
Pizza was originally managed by Frank Pepe in 1925, but is now run by his grandson. This is the original pizza without cheese mozzarella.

That's some of the best pizza in America; hopefully you can sample all the pizza that has such amazing taste.
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