Do not Believe In Easy Face Whitening Cosmetics

Today there are many cosmetic whitening facial scalp name famous artists and shows instant results, not only that, there are also claimed whitening cosmetics used by most Korean women and has properties making skin shiny and smooth and white.
Do not Believe In Easy Face Whitening Cosmetics
In display ads often face whitening cosmetics users, as well as the changes appear on their skin after use. It certainly makes a lot of potential customers who are interested to try it without thinking whether it is safe cosmetics or not.

Not a few user stories whitening cosmetics are famous for its brand was not irritated, even skin peeling, redness and other skin problems or although there was no problem on the skin, sometimes consumers do not know the content of what is contained in the whitening cream, because it is not listed on the packaging.

In fact it could be causing your skin to be white rapidly is mercury is added to the cream. We all know that mercury is a dangerous substance when applied to the skin.

If absorbed by the body, mercury can cause cancer. In addition, mercury can only be issued after 27 years of being in the body. Moreover, mercury is definitely not the ingredients for cosmetics. So you should be careful to choose face whitening cosmetics are not especially well-known brand.

Do not also believe in the promise of instant results, because it could mean the chemicals used highly concentrated. Choose a safe, yes, ladies. Or select which already has a well-known brand and the existing evidence and not so instant.
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