Healthy Food For Hair Strength

Healthy Food For Hair Strength - Having hair problems such as loss, dry, branched, or lusterless was a bitch. Especially if it turns out all this time you have regularly cream bath, wearing a tonic, or various other types of exterior maintenance.
Healthy Food For Hair Strength
Do not forget that healthy hair is not only took maintenance of the outside, but also need nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

For it is clear that the role of food as a source of much-needed nutrients. What are healthy foods that can make hair so strong and beautiful?

// Green Vegetables
These foods not only keeps the body healthy, but the hair will grow stronger because iron content that can strengthen the hair shaft to the root. Vitamin A and C in it also contributed to the function of iron. Examples of green vegetables are spinach and mustard greens.

// Almonds Bean
In almonds, there is a vitamin E which is excellent for treating skin and hair to grow faster. Also calcium and omega 3 for hair beauty glow.

// Orange Fruit
Vitamin C in oranges is widely known as a good substance to counteract the adverse effects of sunlight. Oranges are also capable of triggering the formation of collagen which is good for skin and hair.

// Red Rice / Brown Rice
The fiber contained in brown rice is very good for digestion because the kind of complex carbohydrate that is not easily absorbed by the body and converted into fat. Vitamin B is also vegetable proteins in red rice is also very good for keeping moisture to prevent hair becomes dry and dull.
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