Mangosteen Benefits for Health

Previously we've been writing about "How toMake Juice from Mangosteen Skin" but now we will try to review some of the benefits the mangosteen fruit, because there Mangosteen contains a lot of benefits. Mangosteen Benefits mainly located in the skin. Perhaps there are many people who find it strange if you have to consume mangosteen skin, it's because it tastes pretty bad.
Mangosteen Benefits for Health
Mangosteen skin contains a lot of xanthone compounds useful for cancer prevention. Xanthones have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. So the mangosteen fruit is known as having the world's highest levels of antioxidants.

// Preventing the Early Aging
According to the study, the natural antioxidants contained in mangosteen can inhibit the aging process in the body. This substance will always repair body tissue, so you stay young.

// Anti Cancer
Mangosteen skin extract is antiproliferasi to inhibit cancer cell growth, but it also is mangosteen peel extract apoptotic destruction of cancer cells.
// Maintaining healthy eyes, skin and hair
According to a study by nutrition experts from the U.S., mangosteen can help make the skin, eyes, teeth, gums and hair healthier.

// Increases stamina and energy
Mangosteen also has an important role in the absorption and metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates that help in maintaining stamina.

However, you must remember that the Mangosteen skin contains high levels of resin, tannin, crude fiber, and other components that cannot be digested body at high levels. Some cases may arise from consuming mangosteen rind powder form without good treatment, such as Health Kidney Disorders and intestines as well as in other organs.
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