The Practical Diet Foods - Healthy Food Diet

Diet Food - slim and slender body is every woman's dream. The reason, in addition to looking healthy and pleasing to the eye, would be easier for us to choose clothes.
But now, women sometimes are not confident with the visible body fat but you do not need to worry because we'll give you some ways to make fast diet, naturally by consume diet foods.
Healthy Food Diet
Following some kind of diet foods you should consume:
// Lemon
Lemon is the easiest diet to look for, and the easier it is for presentation.
The trick: take a glass of warm water, but not too hot. Taken one or two grains of lemon then squeeze the water, mixed into the glass water. Stir well, and drink directly until the end.
This may carried before or after eating, for patients with ulcer, preferably after a meal and the number of half dose first.

Orange juice is good to dissolve fat in your body naturally. The process is a bit long, not as fast as diet drug, but safer and healthier. Do this 2 times a day, morning / afternoon and night. In two months, may have seen the results.

// Warm Water
Maybe this is not the type of food, just plain water. However, the effect is quite big; these are for you’re potbellied and want to reduce the size of the stomach. The trick, every time you drink, avoids drinking cold water, because cold water is what makes your stomach big. Drink at least room temperature water, even better when warm, undoubtedly your stomach gradually - gradually shrinking.

// Red Chili
Likespicy foods? You are lucky. Frequently consume foods that contain chili. However, even though the maximum results, make the sauce as a companion to food, compared to eating spicy yet rich coconut milk. It is also a diet that became a favorite among dieters.

// Yogurt
This food has a unique taste sour, but refreshing. The content of calcium in them is quite high, which can inhibit weight gain by helping the absorption of fat in our small intestine.

// Eggs
For breakfast, instead of eating boiled noodles or fried rice, try to start eating eggs. Perhaps plain boiled or fried. If one is not enough, can add another portion. Egg helps us early satiety, thus avoiding us to eat in large quantities.

// Vegetables High in Fiber
This may audible corny, but multiply consuming a high in fiber vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, corn, green beans, red beans, etc... Can be used as a companion food by pan-fried or boiled.

// Grapefruit
The next diet food is Grapefruit. Fruits like oranges, only a part of it colored red and orange. And as lemon, the fruit is also good to destroy fat, when consumed before meals. No need to be squeezed, but enough to be eaten ordinary.

That's some diet foods that maybe you can practice at home, good luck and have a body fit your expectations.
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