How to Make Juice from Mangosteen Skin

How to Make Juice from mangosteen skin, It is now when I hear people make the juice from the mangosteen skin, we would be a bit surprised, because there has not been a lot of people who make the mangosteen juice is good for consumption. But now many people who want to know How to Make Juice from Mangosteen Skin because apparently a lot of content that is efficacious for the health of the human body against a variety of serious illnesses such as Inhibit Bacteria and Cancer ward.

How to Make Juice from Mangosteen Skin
  • Prepare in advance a few pieces of mangosteen skin, depending on the number of our own desires. Suggestions of experts say the more the better mangosteen skin.
  • Take on the inside, try not to hit the black skin of the mangosteen (outer skin) and do not let the sap drawn bandwagon, because it can cause a bitter taste the mangosteen juice later.
  • In the next step is to blend the skin that we got earlier, can be mixed with condensed milk, cocoa powder, avocado, sugar and ice. Would not issue any mixed finish hanging with us.
  • After a few minutes mangosteen skin is ready for the serve. Mangosteen juice is made ​​safely enjoy your own.
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