Benefits of Drinking Coffee - Coffee for Health

The benefits of coffee
The benefits of coffee

Based on the results of research conducted by the Harvard Women's Health, the benefits of coffee drinking several cups a day can keep us from diabetes type 2, colon cancer, Parkinson's, kidney stones, to cirrhosis / damage to liver function, and prevent us from declining cognitive brain.

While according to the results of 20 studies conducted by various researchers around the world to explain the benefits of coffee can actually prevent us from attacks of type 2 diabetes by 50%. Chlorogenic acid content and substance trigonelin (pro vitamin B3) is found in coffee may inhibit the absorption of sugar; stimulate the formation of the hormone insulin and GLP-1.

To avoid a heart attack and stroke. Coffee has a content that can prevent us from heart attacks to strokes. This has been demonstrated in a study involving more than 83 000 women aged 24 years. They drank 2-3 cups of coffee / day. The result shows that these women have 19% lower risk than non-coffee drinkers. This was also done on several Finnish men. And the results obtained are also relatively similar.

The benefits of coffee are known from a variety of research carried out consistently by the researchers. The result showed that the liver cancer, colon cancer, to breast cancer can be prevented by eating the coffee, to prevent cirrhosis, and to shy away from Parkinson's disease.

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