The Benefits of Ginger for Beauty

Ginger, have many benefits for health and beauty, not just be concoction of spices or alternative medicine but also contains benefits for beauty. The content of ginger extracts widely used by the beauty industry, because of natural secrets that not many people know.
The Benefits of Ginger for Beauty

The following are some benefits of ginger for beauty:
// Ginger Overcoming Acne
Wash your face with warm ginger water, in the morning and evening. Hopefully can alleviate and even eliminate acne within 60 days. This method can be used to eliminate dark spots and dry skin.

// Ginger Overcome Dandruff
The trick raw ginger rubs into hair. Then rinse with warm ginger water. This method can also help prevent hair loss. In China, they use warm ginger water to wash hair. Many have enjoyed this treatment with good results.

// Ginger is useful to Streamline stomach after giving birth
The trick Take 3 tablespoons of rice, and then dry for 3 hours. 125 grams of brown sugar, little turmeric, a tablespoon of tamarind, ginger slices and pandanus leaves in 3 cups of water. Strain the herbs. Boiled ginger powder, turmeric and rice.

After all smooth, pour boiling water little by little to the spice. Strain the concoction with clean cheesecloth and squeeze the lime. To add salt to taste. Drink this mixture regularly if less sweet sugar can be added.

// Ginger is useful to overcome foot odor
The trick adds salt and vinegar to warm ginger water. Soak feet for 15 minutes. Then dry feet with towel and sprinkle talcum powder. Good luck.

That's some of the benefits of ginger, not only that, there are many more benefits contained by ginger.
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