How to Prevent Diabetes

How to Prevent Diabetes - Diabetes 2 is disease that can be prevented. By giving stock healthy lifestyle from age kids, the disease can be avoided when possible they reach adulthood to old age. No doubt, arises because diabetes often carelessly lifestyle.
Tips Prevent Diabetes
For example, accustomed to eating high-calorie menu, drink soda, less movement, etc.
Children can have early diabetes if their lifestyle is not considered. Therefore, pay attention to the way they eat is very important to understand.

Tips prevent Diabetes

# At meal times should be served healthy menu with pleasant atmosphere.
# Consider the balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat.
# You must be consistent in planning meals and snacks every day giving.
# In addition to providing meals containing carbohydrates, along with food, including plenty of fiber from whole grains
# Put it in the menu in the form of dark green vegetables, leafy greens, and dark yellow.
# Give fruits regularly. Minimum one portion orange or other fruit every day
# If you want to provide menu made ​​from meat, remove visible fat layer before cooking.
# In giving milk or milk products, choose low-fat.
# Familiarize kids to drink water when thirsty rather than soft drinks.
# Provide kids foods containing healthy fats such as menus that use vegetable oils, nuts, and foods that are free of Trans fats. Reduce or eliminate the habit of giving foods high in saturated fat and Tran’s fat. For example, butter, cream cheese, fried foods, and meats.
# No need to ban children eat candy. Enter the candy as a menu that contributes to provide calories and carbohydrates.

That's how to prevent diabetes, may be useful. And do not forget to begin now to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle
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