The Causes and Drug Asthma Disease

Causes of Asthma disease
Usually in asthma, this is airway narrowing in response to stimuli in the lungs, In normal conditions will not affect the respiratory tract. But this constriction can make people hard to breathe when triggered by various stimuli, such as pollen, dust, animal dander, smoke, cold air and exercise, so that the smooth muscle of bronchitis have seizures and the tissue that lines the airways have swollen due to inflammation and the release of mucus into the airways.
Asthma Disease
Symptoms of Asthma
In patients with asthma frequency and severity of asthma attacks varies. Some people more often free of symptoms and only experience shortness of breath attacks are brief and light, which can occur at any time.

There are also other patients almost always have cough and wheezing (asthma) and having a great attack after suffering from a viral infection, exercise, or after exposure to allergens or irritants.

Crying or laughing hard can also cause the onset of symptoms and prolonged cough are also common, especially at night or when weather is cold.

Asthma Sufferers Food
When someone is diagnosed with asthma then the patient should or reduce eating food rich in fat (high fat content). It is normally found in foods that cause excess mucus production such as:
* White sugar
* White flour
* White bread
* Chocolate

Also avoid foods that can cause allergic reactions such as:
* Eggs
* Milk
* Grain
* Fish
* Clam
* Nuts
* Soybean
* Peanuts

Foods that contain sulfides such as:
* Pickles
* Vegetable
* Dried fruits
* Shrimp

Healthy foods for people with asthma should increase intake can help reduce the symptoms of asthma, such as vegetables include:
* Fruits, and
* Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
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