How to Prevent Asthma

Prevent Asthma - People who have asthma really should be careful with any situation. Because many kinds trigger asthma attacks. Asthma relapse and those who do not get immediate help can be life-threatening. Therefore, if any member of your family who has asthma should do the as following prevention:
[][] Clean the dust in the house. Dust can be an allergen and interfere with breathing. Clean the dust off with a damp cloth to ensure the dust lifted.

[][] Avoid smoking in the house. Cigarette smoke is a big enemy for people with asthma. In addition to cigarette smoke, the smoke that emerges from incendiary fires can also be a cause.

[][] Get rid of nuisance animals causes entry into the home. For example, immediately dispose of trash in the house to the garbage disposal. Cockroaches, fleas, rats and other pests can trigger asthma attacks.

[][] Wash carpets and clothes regularly. Dust and dirt on them can trigger asthma.

[][] If you also have a sinus, in addition to asthma, immediately see a doctor to get the best advice to face both.

[][] Clean the various places of the fungus. Mushrooms are positive allergens trigger asthma. At this time of year, the development of the fungus pretty quickly. So, clean the places that could be a place to grow mushrooms.

[][] Keep people with asthma from furry animals. Because Feather can trigger asthma.

[][] Keep your emotions with asthma to always get a good mood. The anger, too sad, scared, or yelling can arouse asthma.

[][] Pungent perfume could be a reason for the recurrence of asthma. If people with asthma are not comfortable with odors, get rid of him.
That's a few tips on How to Prevent Asthma, may be useful.
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