Healthy Food in Order to be Longer Lifespan

The short length of life is in God's hands. But adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you stay away from all kinds of diseases, which in turn can prolong life expectancy.
Reporting from various sources, here are some foods that claim to prevent various diseases and make the body healthier longer.
Healthy Food in Order to be Longer Lifespan
Soybeans contain iron which is very high compared to other foods. Soybean useful for controlling cholesterol in the body, so avoid various diseases such as obesity and heart disease.
A soybean is also beneficial for women. One of the benefits of being able to manage the ass menopausal symptoms. Besides soy diet is very effective to get the ideal body weight.
Food antioxidants usually green, blue, purple, and orange. These foods contain lots of carotenoids and anthocyanins that may protect against heart disease and cancer.
The benefits of other antioxidants that can strengthen memory and balance the senses.
Examples of foods are broccoli and tomatoes antioxidants that can prevent cancer. As orange-colored sweet potatoes, potatoes and carrots is very beneficial for healthy lungs.
Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber
Vegetables and fruits that contain lots of fiber fibrous food such as nuts, apples, brown rice, and vegetables. These foods help in lowering blood pressure and make you feel full. Thus effectively helps in weight loss.
Not only food, water is beneficial because it is very good for the skin and a good source of energy. The body needs water to remove toxins and keep the tissues hydrated.
Green tea
This tea is very popular in Japan as it is rich in vitamins A, C and E, which also serves as an antioxidant. According to one study, green tea and even more powerful than the samurai because it can prevent the oxidation of cells, this in turn will turn into cancer.
Besides green tea proved efficacious to build a defense for the immune system and the blood to fight heart disease.
Just as regular tea, tea can be consumed with boiled or soaked in hot water, and let stand for some time. The longer the green tea was submerged, the better it is for your body.
According to experts, onions are also rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and sulfur. Ironically, eating tubers of this one was to make breathing becomes less pleasant, but make no mistake, despite the mouth to smell, garlic can protect you from a variety of respiratory diseases such as asthma and respiratory tract inflammation.
Not only that, onions is also able to raise levels of HDL or good cholesterol in the blood, and protect you from the threat of cancer. To get the maximum benefit, you can eat them raw, or mixed salad or sandwich.
Fish oil
Some fish such as salmon, mackerel or herring known as a producer of omega-3. This type of fish can lower cholesterol levels in the blood and also protects you against stroke and blood clots in the brain.
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