By way of Meditation Flu can be Cured

You are experiencing the flu due to changes in seasons and extreme weather today? Do not rush to take medication or vitamins. Just do a meditation to heal the pain that you are suffering from flu.

Formerly known that meditation can improve your mood, stress, and increase the body's immune system. Recent research by the University of Wisconsin-Madison added benefit of meditation is the cure flu and colds.
By way of Meditation Flu can be Cured
In the study there were 149 volunteers with the distribution of the 3 groups. Each was given the task of meditation, running regularly, and another group did not do anything.

Observations conducted showed that 79% of participants who did not meditate easily suffer from flu and colds. While the 48% of the participant’s meditation more healthy and immune from the flu.
Quoted from Dailymail, Dr. Bruce Barrett is one of the organizers of research professors at the university said:

"No one has previously been shown to prevent acute respiratory infections",

He said about the ability to prevent the flu is owned by meditation.
"Many previous information suggesting that meditation and exercise does have many benefits, one of which is prevention."

Meditation is meant to train the mind to concentrate, and the benefits of meditation were recorded up to 50% more than the medicines and vitamins.
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