The Facts About HIV/AIDS

Warning conducted every December 1 is a lot of sympathy from many quarters. HIV/AIDS are a disease that is very scary moment. Therefore, the drug has not been found most effective for healing. The immune system of sufferers of this disease goes down when it comes.
The Facts About HIV/AIDS
Behind the dangers of AIDS, there are some facts that should be known. The information quoted by the Times of India this could be precautions in order to understand about AIDS.
  • Using a condom during intercourse does not guarantee safe from AIDS. Because condoms tear easily and possible have a very small hole that is larger than the AIDS virus. Condoms are easily torn if expired or stored in the wrong way. The most secure, is just having sex with a legitimate partner, who had no history of HIV / AIDS before.
  • Oral sex can transmit the AIDS virus. Moreover, if during oral, there was a small wound that became virus entry. Use condoms during oral may be protective, but not 100 percent safe.
  • The HIV virus survives stronger in body cells. However, the virus is easily killed in the external environment body. So there's no reason not to interact with people living with AIDS (OHDA). Do not discriminate on them. Shake hands to share the toilet is still possible to do. The HIV virus if it is outside the body after only a few minutes and a maximum of one hour, according to the volume of fluid.
  • Pregnant women who suffer from AIDS can transmit the virus to her child. Included also, breast milk contaminated with the HIV virus can infect the baby.
  • Two HIV-infected persons should be equally use condoms during intercourse. Because, if not, then it can lead to other variants of the HIV virus.
  • Mosquitoes are not carrier of the HIV virus. Until now there is no scientific evidence that mosquito to transmit the HIV Virus. Moreover, the virus cannot survive in the mosquito the whole time. Mosquitoes do not inject blood when they bite carries.
  • Indeed, there is no cure HIV that is 100 percent effective. However, by consume ARV, may provide hope for people with AIDS although not completely virus will be gone.
  • The HIV virus can infect anyone. This disease does not choose its victims, both rich and poor, white skin or black, and so on.
  • Care of AIDS has not been fully able to kill the virus that enters the body. So be aware that if your spouse is not infected with the virus.

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