Several the Causes of Change in Body Posture

Do not dismiss body posture problems. Because, what do you do now linked body posture will be taken to the old. Body bent or curved spine body posture is some mistakes that are not able to erect again.

The cause of the deviation body posture was quite a lot. Understand the causes following in anticipation for the good of your spine:
Several the Causes of Change in Body Posture

  • Pain or injury in the past. Sometimes a person chooses to hold the body in a different position when experiencing back pain that is often. If the position is accustomed to in a long time, eventually becoming sedentary body posture.
  • Malnourished. All the bones, including the spine, need adequate nutrition to grow straight. Lack of vitamin and calcium can reduce bone strength and flexibility resulting in body posture deviations.
  • Of weight gain. Body fat is not good for the spine, especially for women. Obese women usually have big breasts that make spine interested in your chest forward. Similarly, the belly fat makes lower spine became interested in the future.
  • Genetics. If the cause is genetic, then maybe you have to accept the reality of having a straight posture. If your parents or grandparents were a hunchback, there may be the same genes down into your body. However, there is still curvature can be corrected medically.
  • Clothes that is too tight. Tight clothing such as pencil pants, high heels, tight jeans, tight ba, and so may lead to differences in posture.
  • The effect of the work. The average office job more demanding people to sit long and bent. It triggers the body to slouch in the long run.
  • Wrong habits. This is the reason most often put forward as a result of his bone bends. The habit of always bowed his head down or deteriorate the shoulder could be the reason shift body posture in the long run. Also includes, carrying loads only on one side of the shoulder is also a mistake.

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