Benefits Red Sugar for Health

Granulated sugar is known as invention the Chinese nation, so that before the 19th century, Indian society does not recognize this product. That's why sugar is called 'Chini' by the people of India. Previously they use red sugar as food and beverage sweetener.
red sugar for health
In fact, red sugar turned out to have health benefits far more than the white sugar. The texture is rough and not easily soluble making it the right choice for you who want to stay healthy.

What are the benefits red sugar for health?

/Cool the stomach. Using red sugar as sweetener drinks will help cool the stomach. Especially when you take it in the summer along with coconut water.

/Relax. In the red sugar contained relatively high levels of selenium, making it useful relaxes your nerves. Drink it at night can help make you sleep soundly.

/Good for diet. Red sugar contains fewer calories than regular sugar. Regular sugar glucose simple form so easily digested and absorbed by the body. Meanwhile, red sugar, glucose solid and difficult to digest. It's good for your diet.

/Iron. Red sugar has iron content required women to prevent anemia or less blood.

/Fight the cancer. Believe it or not, the red sugar contained antioxidants that help fight cancer, and premature aging.

/Food after giving birth. In India, women after childbirth usually consume red sugar because it gives a lot of energy for power recovery. In addition, red sugar preventing blood clots.

/Eliminate cramps. Selenium in red sugar makes it able to help relieve menstrual cramps and pain.

So, if you are thinking of replacing your white sugar, then select only the red sugar.
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