Apparently Stress Causes Acne

Causes of Acne - During the nuts and chocolate are often accused of being the cause of acne, so both delicious and nutritious food is the enemy of most women spontaneously. Some scientists do not agree to this, and stated that there is the main cause of acne which has not realized by many women.

Stress. Secretly a scourge and an enemy in the blanket which sparked a lot of problems in women life. Ranging from the causes of disease, to cause beauty problems such as hair loss, brittle nails, to acne.

Why Stress Triggers Acne?
Try to remember back, whenever this acne appearing on your skin? Most of the acne it comes as PMS, menstrual, before the exam, before the interview or event that makes you excited and stressed.

The scientists also explain in detail the relationship of stress and acne with reasonable medical evidence, the following chronology:
  • Skin cells have receptors on stress hormones.
  • These receptors will react when the formation of sebum.
  • Sebum itself is a substance which is a collection of bacteria that clog your pores, dead skin cells, as well as dust and dirt. When the sebum clogging pores, pimples and blackheads is formed.
  • Sebum and skin oil will be produced more when someone in times of stress, and this is why more and more acne appears on the skin.

Even so, this research is still being developed in order to find the best solution and potent treat acne. It is recommended that women can maintain stress and maintain a healthy skin every day to prevent the acne from appearing.

And do not forget to use care products and cosmetics that suit your skin type so as to minimize skin problems.
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