What Cause Cancer - Unusual Cause of Cancer

Cause of Cancer - Ancient time those affected by cancer is especially those who have a family history of cancer. However, these days, not just those with a history of his family had suffered from esophageal cancer, lifestyle blamed to be the main cause of a lot of people experiencing cancer pain.
Cause of Cancer
Described by experts, that maintaining healthy and have a good lifestyle can be distanced from all diseases, including cancer. Even so, there are cancer patients and cancer missed due to various causes unusual.
Here, as quoted from Boldsky, causes of cancer rarely found but life-threatening out there.
  • Air freshener

A study published in The Journal of the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology in 2012, said that the air freshener turned out to be one of the triggers for the development of cancer cells. Is phthalates, which are contained in air freshener and become agents trigger the cancer cells.
  • Ndoor tanning

Tanning is one way to make the skin darker. There are two types of tanning, outdoor tanning is the first one that is basking in the sun, and the second is the indoor tanning, sunbathing in a special box that makes the skin will darken in an instant. Both are equally dangerous, but it holds the potential dangers of indoor tanning that much greater. Be found, they are doing 75% tanning at risk of developing skin cancer.
  • Birth Control Pills

Those who take birth control pills are also apparently at risk of oral cancer than those who do not eat them. The cause is apparently due to hormonal imbalance. Birth control pills alone does it work force hormonal changes, and this is one of the causes of women suffering from breast cancer.
  • Often come home late at night

Work overtime because it is something legitimate. But if too often and to cause you to have to go home tonight, so be it bear the risk of cancer. Lack of sleep and lack of rest is the main cause. Decreases metabolism so the hormones become unbalanced. It is apparently also unleashed another serious disease.
  • Mouthwash

Also avoid overuse of mouthwash. Studies prove that the content of ethanol in mouthwash can lead to oral cancer. Ethanol can break down the cells in the mouth so that the mouth becomes weak and easily absorb carcinogens.
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