How To Make Pizza Sauce

How To Make Pizza Sauce
Sauce is the heart of a pizza so knowing the fabulous way on how to make pizza sauce will certainly inspire any of you to make the best pizza ever. The sauce has to be rich of flavor especially if you are planning not to put too many toppings on it. Of course, a homemade pizza sauce tastes better then the one sold in market because it doesn’t contain any chemical or processed substances. It’s all fresh. Cooking the sauce will make you become more creative in mixing any ingredients as you wish.

How To Make Pizza Sauce from Tomato Sauce

Delicious pizza sauce has to be filled of the best tomato sauce or paste. Aside from the main ingredient, there are some additional ingredients that will make the sauce richer in flavor. They will be garlic, salt, sugar, dried tomatoes, white onion, olive oil, dried oregano, dried basil, white wine, Kosher salt, water and black pepper. Heat the pan and add olive oil, white onion and garlic. Stir it together until it’s a bit cooked before adding the other ingredients except the tomato sauce or paste. After they are all mixed and cooked, put the tomato sauce/paste in it and stir it for several minutes. If you don’t like wine, simply change it with water.

Special Tricks to Make Pizza Sauce

Cooking the best pizza sauce usually involves some small tricks which can make the result more marvelous.
  • For more acid taste, put some bottled lemon juice of vinegar inside the sauce and stir it for several minutes. 
  • For smoother sauce, use a food mill or fine-mesh trainer 
  • For thicker result, consider using carrot instead of flour as it is much healthier and tastier
That’s all the secret of a really good pizza sauce and now is your turn to cook the tasty, healthy and full of flavor pizza for the whole family.

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