How To Make Homemade Pizza

How To Make Homemade Pizza
If you want to learn how to make your weekend marvelous with the best foods you make yourself, you should learn how to make homemade pizza. There are simply many reasons why making homemade pizza is much better than buying one. It is a lot healthier because it’s made of fresh ingredients and it saves you a lot as it is a lot cheaper. At first, making homemade pizza sounds like a troubling task but once you learn the tricks, everything will be a lot simpler. In fact, it can be done in less than an hour.

How To Make Homemade Pizza Crust

Great pizza is always made of great crust. The most favorite version of crust is the thin one which is crunchy once it’s coming of from the oven. For this kind of crust, the recipe is quite simple. Yet, it doesn’t require special cooking technique. All that is needed is the right ingredients. Prepare 3 and a half cup of flour, olive oil, salt, sugar, cold water and a package of yeast. Mix all the ingredients except the flour until they are dissolved. Then, pour the flour into the mixture slowly and mix it until it is incorporated. You may want to use only your hands because it’s not really difficult to handle. If it’s a bit sticky, get some flour and mix it again.

Make Pizza Sauce

After you have done making the tasty pizza crust, prepare yourself to make the best pizza sauce. Fresh tomatoes are highly recommended to get the best sauce. Slice the tomatoes and stir them in a pan until dissolved and pour salt, sugar and sliced garlic. When the sauce is done, it’s the time to prepare all the toppings you desire. You can also put slices of pineapple on the crust for tropical taste of pizza which is great to be combined with spicy pizza sauce.
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