How To Make Pizza At Home

How To Make Pizza At Home
Care to find new recipes on how to make pizza at home? This surely is a great idea especially when almost every weekend all of the family members crave for nice and tasty homemade pizza which is certainly healthier. Pizza, a favorite dishes that is loved by everyone in the world has so many variations from the thin to the thick crust. It also has so many toppings, depends on how you want it to be. If you’re a meat lover then pour the best meats from chicken, lamb, beef, and bacon to fishes on it and if you’re not, then get the most favorite veggies to create your favorite vegetarian pizza.

How To Make Pizza Dough

The best pizza always starts by the best pizza dough. Well, you can create the dough from scratch or buy the ready-to-cook dough. Though it seems simple but mastering the skill in making the best dough is sometime cumbersome. It’s always better to use only the hands without any machinery required. Usually, you’ll need to prepare a measuring cup, mixing bowl, large whisk, measuring spoons and kitchen film. The ingredients are bread flour, salt, active dry yeast, virgin olive oil, warm water, sugar and some extra flour. The process starts by mixing the warm water with sugar, salt and active dry yeast before pouring the olive oil. After it is all dissolved, add the flour and mix it together using your hands. Then, leave it for minutes to let it transforms into smooth and silky dough.

Make Pizza Toppings

For the toppings, you surely need prepare pizza sauce first since it determines the taste of the pizza. You can make the sauce yourself or buy it. Then, get all your favorite topping items as you wish. Don’t forget to put paprika and veggies to balance the final taste. As for final touch, use the best cheese.
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